Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation


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Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation

40 years Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation - REGISTER NOW


It is our great pleasure to announce that the Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation (RLICC) will celebrate its 40th anniversary in Leuven on Monday September 12th 2016.

On behalf of the President and the staff of the Centre we are very pleased to invite you to join us at the occasion of this special celebration !

In 1976 the late Prof. Raymond Lemaire established an institute to disseminate the interest in built cultural heritage preservation worldwide through interdisciplinary training and to promote reflection on the integration of heritage in today's society – for tomorrow's generations. No less than 800 students from 70 countries have studied heritage preservation in the spirit of interdisciplinary and international learning at the RLICC. Nowadays many of those alumni work in the heritage field, have leading positions in national or international organisations, manage or work in architectural offices, in private consultancies, at academic institutions or for public authorities.

The anniversary meeting on September 12th will bring together representatives of various organisations and authorities in the field of heritage as well as several alumni of the RLICC.
On Monday morning, Prof. Rik Torfs, Rector of the University of Leuven, and representatives of several renowned international organisations will highlight the role of international, multidisciplinary education and research for cultural heritage management and development. In the afternoon, four panels composed of RLICC alumni of different nationalities, backgrounds and cohorts will have an interactive discussion on the dynamics of international, national and local organisations as well as education, research and professional activities.

Download the program.

 Register here.
(registration fee is 50 € incl. lunch and closing reception)

We look forward to welcoming you here in Leuven !


RLICC Newsletter Issue 17, Spring 2016



by Minja Yang, President of the RLICC

Forty years has passed since the establishment of the Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation (RLICC), integrated within KU Leuven since 1981 after its initial years in Bruges. The advanced Masters of Science degree in the Conservation of Monuments and Sites continues to promote Prof. Lemaire's vision of heritage conservation and enhancement with an interdisciplinary approach, where conservation is regarded as part of the development process and anchored within the context of their urban and rural territorial setting for the benefit of the inhabitants. This key message of Prof. Lemaire has been transmitted throughout the world through the Centre's graduates numbering just over 800 from some 70 countries during its 40 years of existence. Our graduates, who have assumed positions of responsibility in their respective national services or in international and regional institutions, and as practioners working in many parts of the world have all emphasized the value of the interdisciplinarytraining they have received at RLICC. Many have also contributed actively in the evolution of heritage conservation principles and norms through associations such as ICOMOS, where Prof. Lemaire had played a pioneering role, notably in the drafting of the Venice Charter which opened the path towards the "unfreezing" of heritage towards the now accepted notion of "heritage–in-movement".

Download the Newsletter.


Master of Science in Conservation of Monuments and Sites : apply now !

-       Have you always been interested in heritage and conservation?
-       Do you have an initial master’s degree (or equivalent) in architecture, (art)history, archaeology, geography, civil engineering or other relevant discipline ?
-       Would you like to join an international & multidisciplinary program ?

Then maybe the advanced “Master of Science in Conservation of Monuments and Sites” (MCMS) might be just the right program for you .

This English taught program starts in September and is spread over three semesters.

Interested ?
More information about this master after master program, application requirements & deadline can be found in the left window pane.


RLICC Newsletter Issue 16, Autumn 2015



by Koen Van Balen, Director of the RLICC

Major events today pose new challenges to us as citizens and as professionals. Some seem far away from our daily personal life or professional concerns. What about the massive migrations going on from various continent to Europe or within Europe? One of the pressures that initiate those migrations come from imposing regimes that disregards tolerance and diversity. They can't live with a the idea that societies are constructions based on diverse rich historical and continuously evolving cultures. Their leaders justify imposed rules and acts of destruction with so called religious rules resulting into a society based on intolerance, unilateral discrimination of women and of people with divergent (religious) opinions. They wipe out heritage as to create uniform, unilaterally constructed images of reality, in an attempt to justify intolerance by "what has always been" and was given by "a god". In short it seems that the transcendence of heritage with its socio-economic, cultural and historical layers is an obstacle while at the same time attempts are made to create a new "heritage" that is justified by beliefs and interpretation of "ancient" (religious) writings.

Download the Newsletter


New book publication : Heritage counts

The Heritage Counts conference was a very successful 2nd edition of our yearly Thematic Week, thanks to the enthusiastic discussions among international and interdisciplinary participants as well as the link with the Cultural Heritage Counts for Europe project, funded by the EU Culture Programme (2007-2013) and the support of this project's lead partner, EUROPA NOSTRA.

Taking into account the many fruitful discussions and positive messages on the relevance of this topic, we have been working hard on developing a rigorous publication that encompasses the conference's content and quality. After an extensive editing process, we are glad to announce that the "Heritage Counts" publication with Guaranteed Peer Reviewed Content (GPRC) is in print at this very moment !


Koen Van Balen and Aziliz Vandesande (Eds.),
"Heritage Counts", Reflections on Cultural Heritage Theories and Practices.
A series by the Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation, KU Leuven, vol. 2,
Garant: Antwerp – Apeldoorn, 2015 - ISBN 978-90-441-3330-1 | 320 pp. Full color, illustrated | 20x25 cm

The publishing company offers a discount pre-subscription offer until 15th December 2015 : € 39 (VAT & shipment included)
As from 15th December :  € 49, VAT included, shipment € 5.

Please consult the complete table of content and pre-subscription form to place your order.

We hope that the valuable contributions in the publication will be to your interest and that you can disseminate this information in your networks to maximize the awareness of this topic !
For more information or questions : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Garant: Antwerp – Apeldoorn, 2015 - ISBN 978-90-441-3330-1 | 320 pp. Full color, illustrated | 20x25 cm
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Master of Science in Conservation of Monuments and Sites

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Erasmus Mundus Action 2 for South Africa


Students from South Africa who would like to study at the RLICC can apply for a ema2sa or 'Erasmus Mundus Action 2 for South Africa' scholarship.
Please visit  www.ema2sa.eu for more detailed information